X-Future jarrulevynsuoja carbon


X-Future jarrulevynsuoja carbon

Saatavissa myymälästä Ivontie 9 Tavallisesti valmis 24 tunnissa

X-Future jarrulevynsuoja carbon

Ivontie 9

Myymälätoimitus saatavissa, tavallisesti valmis 24 tunnissa

Ivontie 9
East MX
80260 Joensuu

SKU: 0024579.070

Acerbis Carbon X-Future Front Disc Cover

  • Extended cover for maximum protection of the disc and the brake caliper to protect them from mud, stones and debris.
  • Designed for the best resistance to impacts.
  • Air intakes designed to ensure airflow to the braking system.
  • Easy and intuitive assembly.
  • Maximum diameter of the disc: 280 mm
  • Light and resistant
  • Mounting kits sold separately.

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