Motorex Spray Ptfe 200 ml


Motorex Spray Ptfe 200 ml

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Motorex Spray Ptfe 200 ml

Ivontie 9

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Ivontie 9
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SKU: 552-469-0002
SPRAY WITH PTFE is a dry-film lubricant; it can be used as an anti-friction agent and separating agent that does not leave behind any oily marks. With a particle size of 5 μm, the wafer-thin PTFE layer prevents parts from sticking together in designs or systems with machine tools. Almost absolute chemical resistance and a very broad service temperature range (+265°C). Anti-static.
Notes:  Shake the can well before use until the mixing ball is moving freely.
Application:  Briefly spray the area in question from a distance of 10–20 cm and leave to dry.
Product features:  dry lubricant, adhesive, smoothing, water-resistant, temperature-stable

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