Motorex Racing Brake Fluid 500 ml


Motorex Racing Brake Fluid 500 ml

Saatavissa myymälästä Ivontie 9 Tavallisesti valmis 24 tunnissa

Motorex Racing Brake Fluid 500 ml

Ivontie 9

Myymälätoimitus saatavissa, tavallisesti valmis 24 tunnissa

Ivontie 9
East MX
80260 Joensuu

SKU: 552-238-0005
RACING BRAKE FLUID is a high-performance brake fluid developed for MOTOREX Race Support. Thanks to its extremely high wet and dry boiling points, the product is ideal for use in racing.
Notes:  Mixing with mineral oil, even in tiny amounts, must be avoided under all circumstances. Change the brake fluid yearly to prevent hygroscopic contamination.
Application:  May damage paints, varnishes and some plastics. May only be poured into systems designed for brake fluids.
Product features
  • exceptionally high wet boiling point
  • tested and proven under the most extreme racing conditions
  • can be used in all ABS and ADS systems without any problems

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