Motorex Moto Protect 500 ml


Motorex Moto Protect 500 ml

Saatavissa myymälästä Ivontie 9 Tavallisesti valmis 24 tunnissa

Motorex Moto Protect 500 ml

Ivontie 9

Myymälätoimitus saatavissa, tavallisesti valmis 24 tunnissa

Ivontie 9
East MX
80260 Joensuu

SKU: 552-457-0005
Particularly suited to protect motorcyles when they are not used for extended periods of time. MOTO PROTECT thereby maintains, conserves and protects surfaces from dust and contamination. Moisture is repelled and the treated surfaces are protected against corrosion thanks to a fine film of oil. The product is easy to use as the practical 0.5-litre spray-can can also be used overhead.
Spray onto cleaned and dry parts and polish with a soft cloth. Do not spray onto brake discs. Check material compatibility in an inconspicuous area before use. Shake before use.
Product features
  • Maintenance and protection spray
  • Also works overhead
  • For preservation purposes during extended periods of idle time
  • For painted surfaces as well as on chrome and other metals
  • Excellent protection against corrosion thanks to a thin film of oil
  • Protects against dust and dirt

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