Motorex Joker 440 500 ml


Motorex Joker 440 500 ml

Saatavissa myymälästä Ivontie 9 Tavallisesti valmis 24 tunnissa

Motorex Joker 440 500 ml

Ivontie 9

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Ivontie 9
East MX
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SKU: 552-430-0005
Fully synthetic, universal lubricating and corrosion protection spray. Leaves behind a highly effective protective film. Creeps under water, protects against corrosion, takes effect dielectrically and cleans and maintains metals and plastics.
Field of application
MOTOREX JOKER 440 SYNTHETIC SPRAY is essential for industry, the trade sector, household and leisure time. It lubricates all moving parts, eliminates squeaking and is perfect for cleaning and maintaining metal and plastic surfaces. It successfully prevents printed circuit board creepage current.
Application:  Apply carefully and leave for a short period of time.
Notes:   Shake can before use.

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