Husqvarna EE 1.16
Husqvarna EE 1.16
Husqvarna EE 1.16
Husqvarna EE 1.16
Husqvarna EE 1.16


Husqvarna EE 1.16


Children between the ages of 4 and 8 will benefit greatly from spending time riding an EE 1.16. After riders have mastered the basic skills of starting and stopping, together with learning to balance and coast, an easy action throttle offers a real motorcycle feel. The power delivery of the EE 1.16 can be regulated by engaging one of three ride modes for safe progression. Beginning with the slowest setting, riders can build their confidence before moving on to the less restrictive options. With a riding time of up to one hour and a full recharge taking the same amount of time, the EE 1.16 also allows for spare batteries to be quickly installed for uninterrupted fun.

Technical Details


  • Battery capacity 4 Ah
  • Charger line voltage Enimmäisjännite 20 V (18 VNOM)
  • Charging input Nopeasti vaihdettava akku
  • Charging time 100 % 30 min.


  • Chain BMX-ketju ja vapaaratas
  • Frame design TIG-hitsattua alumiinia
  • Front suspension Terästä, BMX-tyylinen
  • Seat height 430 mm
  • Weight 9 kg