Fist Handwear Youth - Spaghetti Wednesday

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Fist Handwear Youth - Spaghetti Wednesday

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Fist Handwear Youth - Spaghetti Wednesday


Ivontie 9

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Ivontie 9
East MX
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SKU: FHFSY00316500L
Multi-Use Glove: Motocross | BMX | MTB | Gripping & Ripping The connection between you and your bars, there is nothing more important than feel. Sublimated four-way stretch twill spandex upper paired with a single layer Clarino palm make for the best fit on the market. Less is more with this Minimalistic multiple use glove. Taking that all-important Insta pic or punching out a quick text has never been easier on the track or trails with conductive thread in the index finger and thumb make sure you #FISTARMY to share with your people. Tech: Minimalistic lightweight design for maximum performance and feel Sublimated 4-way stretch twill spandex upper featuring full breathability and supreme comfort Single Layer Clarino* palm for maximum feel and control Spandex finger gussets for ultimate flexibility and dexterity Touch Screen conductive index finger and thumb Custom FIST closure offers a broad range of adjustment to keep your gloves secured just how you like them

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