Motorex Quick Cleaner 500 ml


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Quick and protective cleaning for a sparkling clean result. QUICK CLEANER does not need additional water! Ideal for plastics, glass, varnishes, metals as well as windscreens and visors. With the 360-degree spray system, QUICK CLEANER can be applied in all locations.

Set the spray head nozzle to the fine mist setting. After spraying, leave for a moment and then wipe with a dry, clean cloth.
Product features
  • Beading effect
  • —360-degree spraying system (500 ml)
  • Cleans plastics, visors, windscreens and varnished surfaces
  • Removes insects, dirt, dust etc.
  • Particularly stubborn contamination is easily removed
  • Quick and easy cleaning – perfect for on the road too
  • Does not require additional water




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