Motorex Chainlube Dry Conditions Aerosol 300ml


MOTOREX CHAINLUBE FOR DRY CONDITIONS is used to lubricate the chains and derailleurs of all bicycles in dry weather conditions – particularly mountain bikes and downhill bikes.

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Biodegradable, fully synthetic oil wax based lubricant. The MOTOREX CHAINLUBE FOR DRY CONDITIONS penetrates faster and forms a homogeneous surface that protects the chain against dirt and dust. This lubricant provides enhanced lubrication combined with outstanding protection against corrosion and wear and reduces abrasion. Ideal for lubrication in dry, dusty conditions.

Apply MOTOREX CHAINLUBE FOR DRY CONDITIONS to the dry chain and derailleur. Move the parts as you do this so that the lubricant is applied evenly. The dirty chain can be cleaned easily using MOTOREX BIKE CHAIN DEGREASER. Particularly in dusty conditions, the chains should be cleaned and re-oiled after each journey to prevent the penetration of dust, sand etc.

Warning: Avoid contact with the brakes so that the brake action is not impaired.

Product features
  • biodegrades quickly
  • free of heavy metals
  • excellent dirt and dust resistance
  • excellent penetration
  • good material compatibility
  • brilliant adhesion
  • effective corrosion and oxidation protection
  • first-rate results in races




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